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Mini Sandwiches Catering

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Slider Beef

JOD 2.000

Made with 100% Angus beef, on a soft brioche bun

Melted Cheese

JOD 1.250

in toasted bread to make the perfect cheese sandwich

Chicken Melt

JOD 1.250

With Melted cheese and our special sauce on a fresh bread

Slider Chicken

JOD 1.750

Grilled chicken with our special sauce on a soft brioche bun.

Creamy Chicken Caesar

JOD 1.450

With Caesar dressing, and fried eggplants on a fresh bread.

Smoked Salmon

JOD 3.000

Smoked Salmon, Capers,  and a tangy dressing on a fresh bread.

Roast Beef

JOD 1.600

with Mustard, crispy lettuce, and Cheese on a fresh bread.